About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team of healthcare, cyber security, and cloud experts working to simplify security and regulatory requirements for organizations. We have experienced the headaches involved in developing and maintaining secure solutions, and are always looking to improve the process. Our dream is to make regulatory compliance and secure development as seamless and as intuitive as other types development.


Interpreting HIPAA regulations and implementing necessary safeguards can be a big burden to hospitals, healthcare organizations, tech companies, and startups that are looking to build healthcare products. Developers want to focus on the creating core offerings, not interpreting regulations. We believe that by creating robust solutions that manage the HIPAA compliance process, we can boost security standards and help organizations can get to market faster. At Dash, it is our goal is to remove as many barriers to development and help foster innovation.

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How Are We Different?

There are several different HIPAA compliant backend solutions on the market, but none offer the flexibility to build and manage infrastructure in a manner similar to non-compliant solutions. Many services require developers to learn custom healthcare APIs and complex deployment methods, with teams often locked into proprietary technologies.

Dash is offering deployments that allow organizations to create and maintain secure environments using public cloud platforms that are already familiar with. Our automated dev-ops process makes it easy for new companies to rapidly build HIPAA compliant products, and for organizations to make existing products HIPAA compliant. We make it easy to avoid technical debt and proprietary solutions when building healthcare applications.

HIPAA compliant cloud dashboard