Dash SDK: Session Management

Confirming user identity is important part of session security. Dash allows developers to easily implement an app pin screen and define app timeouts.

Conceptual Overview

  • How Does Dash Session Security Work?

    When enabled, Dash will automatically close any Dash encrypted database connections and require a pin for user identification after a certain period of time.

    Dash handles authentication through our secure web-service to insure that user pin and identity are not compromised. On first timeout, Dash prompts users to configure a pin for use with future timeouts. We then trigger timeout events after a specified period of time, either during app use or when the app is in the background.

  • Why Does Session Security Matter?

    It can be hard to determine that the correct user is viewing your app. In order to protect sensitive information, Dash makes it easy to automatically add a pin screen, to confirm user identity after a (developer) set period of time.

Setting Timeouts

Dash enables developers to enable full timeout security in one easy step. In your main activity, add the setTimeOut() method to setup timeouts. All pin creation, changes, and authentication are than handled by Dash.

import com.dashsdk.Dash;

public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
      Dash.setTimeOut(20); //Set timeout in minutes