Automated Compliance Remediation

A completely new way to administer DevOps and SecOps.

How It Works

Changes Are Made To AWS Cloud Configuration

Dash tracks changes to AWS resources and cloud settings. When a new cloud resource is created or security settings are changed, Dash checks against your security policies.

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Dash Flags Security Issues

If an AWS resource has security settings that breaks security or compliance standards or user defined security policies, Dash flags the issue for the security team.

Resolve Security Issues

Dash provides a list of these cloud security issues a description, steps for remediation, and an automatic process for resolving security concerns. Dash can resolve cloud security issues with one click.

  • Assign security issues to staff members
  • View issue documentation
  • Resolve seucrity issues with CLI commands and “click-to-fix” rememdiations.

Resolve A Security Issue in 30 Seconds with Dash “Click-to-Fix”

Use Dash Remediation to automatically enable security controls for AWS resources and fix security issues. Solve 

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Automate Your Cloud Security Program

Set security policies and fix cloud security issues with one click.

Disable An SSH Port Open To All
  • Close vulnerable ports that are open to all
Enable Redshift User Activity Logging
  • Enable user activity logging, for auditing purposes
Enable RDS Cluster Backups
  • Turn on RDS cluster backups to ensure redundancy
Enable S3 Bucket Access Logging
  • Turn on S3 bucket access logging to collect S3 queries
Enable EBS Volume Encryption
  • Turn on EBS volume encryption to protect data at-rest
Enable Longer RDS Retention Period
  • Enable a set retention period for RDS cluster backups

Built Around Compliance Standards

Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring and Automatic Remediations are mapped to regulatory frameworks and industry-backed cybersecurity frameworks. This means you can discover compliance issues and resolve them with one click.

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Build A Robust Compliance Program

Organizations turn to Dash to build and maintain compliance programs and high security standards in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dash provides organizations with custom security policies, technical controls, and continuous compliance monitoring for managing your cloud.

Use Dash to improve your cloud security program and resolve security concerns.

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Streamline Security and Compliance In The Cloud

Configure, monitor and maintain compliance in your cloud