Healthcare Managed Security Services

Cloud security and compliance management for healthcare organizations

Developing Your Cloud Security Configuration

Dash TotalCompliance provides organizations in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance with a managed security program and managed cloud services, so teams can focus on product development rather than cloud configuration, DevOps and complex regulations. See how your team can leverage Dash healthcare managed security services provider (MSSP) services to acheive security and compliance in the cloud.

Dash provides managed services and operational security to maintain your cloud security posture and meet compliance standards including HIPAA and SOC 2. Security and compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and the cloud customer. Organizations can turn to the Dash managed security team to implement and oversee cloud network configuration, audit logging, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and more.

Establish A Strong Cloud Security Posture

Customized Administrative Policies

Dash works with your organization to develop a set of custom security policies built around your organization, staff structure, technology stack and regulatory needs.

Technical Security Controls

Dash works with partners to implement a secure AWS infrastructure and set all necessary security controls to meet regulatory standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 2, and NIST 800-53.

Cloud Management & Managed Compliance Tasks

Cloud experts at Ibexlabs manage your AWS cloud account, provision resources, and deal with security and compliance tasks to keep you in compliance with all security policies and security standards.

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Develop a Cloud Compliance Program In AWS

Dash TotalCompliance makes it easy for your team to develop and manage a cloud security program that meets regulatory compliance and security standards, including HIPAA, SOC 2, and NIST. TotalCompliance works as a fully managed Security Operations Center (SOC), built around your organization’s security requirements and managed by our cloud experts. Focus on product development and let the experts at Dash handle cloud governance risk and compliance (GRC).

Your Managed Cloud Security Program

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Managed Security Operations

Teams can rely on the cloud security experts at Dash to manage time consuming security tasks and handle management of cloud security programs. Dash makes it easy to implement a robust cloud security program, avoid complex DevOps tasks, and get to market faster. Learn how Dash enables teams to build compliant applications quickly.

Robust Security Policies & Compliance Evidence

Dash makes it easy to gather information and answer security risk assessments (SRAs) required by potential clients and enterprises. Organizations can view, download, and utilize established security policies and compliance reports to validate security and compliance internally and during vendor assessment. Teams can generate a full inventory and mapping of security controls and protections as they relate to compliance frameworks.

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Flexible and Scalable Cloud Services

TotalCompliance is offered as a managed service on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means that teams can leverage the scaling power of AWS, while building over 100+ AWS cloud services. AWS is a market-leading cloud platform that enables teams to build robust applications quickly and cost effectively. Teams can utilize TotalComliance to avoid vendor lock-in and build powerful applications on an established cloud provider.

Build Your Managed Security Program

Cloud Security & Compliance Experts

Dash empowers organizations to build secure and compliant applications within Amazon Web Services

Security Focused

Our team is comprised of experts in cloud security and compliance.

Technology Agnostic

We have worked with organizations of all kinds and all technology stacks.

Cloud Security & Compliance Experts

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