Installing Dash

What Will You Need?

  • AWS Environment
  • AWS User With Administrator Permissions – (the CloudFormation template creates resources that require a higher permission set)
  • Latest Dash Compliance Platform CloudFormation Template
  • Organization ID
  • Organization License Key
  • About 10-15 minutes of time


  1. Connect with Dash and download the latest CF (CloudFormation) template.
  2. Log into AWS account and pick your preferred region.
  3. When setting up the Dash Compliance System, you must use the MASTER account in AWS. This is typically the first account your organization sets up. You can verify the master account by clicking the avatar in the top right corner and clicking ‘My Organization‘. You should see a table of accounts. The master account will have a tag next to it stating it is the master account. You must use that account to perform the set up.
  4. Create an application-specific pem key. This is done in the EC2 module. You will need to create this pem key in the region/availability zone that you will be deploying the Dash CloudFormation template. Make sure to keep this pem key accessible for future use. You will need to use that pem key to SSH in if needed. By default, SSH access is disabled but can be opened up if needed of course.
  5. Go to CloudFormation and choose ‘Create Stack’.
cloudformation stack

5. Go to CloudFormation and choose ‘Create Stack’.

upload cloudformation

6. Go to next page, and fill out the form on this page. 

There are several variables to pay attention to on this form:

    • DBInstanceType and InstanceType – We suggest at least a t2.small
    • LicenseKey – {Use the organization license key provided by Dash}
    • OrganizationID – {Use the organization license key provided by Dash}

Here is what the form should look like at the end: 

Most fields have default values that are appropriate to stick with. Otherwise, provide a value that makes sense for your environment. 

7. Go ahead and move to the next page. Press the Create Stack button. 

8. The process will take a few minutes. 

9. Once it is done, you will be able to access the Dash Application by grabbing the link from the CloudFormation Outputs tab. 

Application Initialization:

1. Go to the link provided in Step 9

2. The application may take up to 5 minutes to start up. 

3. Once the application loads, it will look like this: 

4. Organization Validation – Put in the organization id and license code to validate your organization

5. Create New User – Put in an appropriate email and password for the first user

6. AWS Configuration – In this step, we will validate the AWS cloud setup and make sure that all permissions are established properly.

7. Services Monitoring – Determine which VPCs you would like for Dash to monitor

8. Domain Configuration – Allows you to decide if you would like to point the AWS DNS to your own domain. Please read this article for domain configuration suggestions

9. Questionnaire – Answer a handful of questions to help us tailor your configuration.

10. Final Step – Click ‘Next’ to sign in.

11. At this point, you can log in and use the application.