SSH Access

There may be times when your team needs to access the Dash application via SSH for troubleshooting or other purposes. In order to open SSH please follow the guide below.

What Will You Need?

  • AWS Environment
  • AWS User With Administrator Permissions (Access to CloudFormation and Security Groups)
  • About 10 minutes of time


  1. Login to the AWS Account containing your Dash ComplyOps stack.
  2. Navigate to the AWS Region that contains your Dash ComplyOps CloudFormation Stack.
  3. In AWS Services > Navigate to the CloudFormation service.
  4. Open stack page in CloudFormation service
  5. Copy name of the stack
  6. Go to EC2 – > Security Groups
  7. Enter stack name into the search field

8. Edit Inbound Rules for “Security Group for Load Balancer”.

Add an inbound rule with Type “SSH” and Source “” and press the “Save Rules” button

9. Edit Inbound Rules for “Main Security Group”.

Add an inbound rule with Type “SSH” and for Source field copy and then paste value from existing rules and press the “Save Rules” button

10. Go to your stack page and copy the link from Outputs tab

11. Go to EC2 – > Load Balancer and paste the link from Outputs tab in the search field

12. Add listener.

Load Balancer Protocol – > TCP, Load Balancer Port – > 22, Instance Protocol – > TCP, Instance Port – > 22.

13. You can connect now to a main instance using your favorite ssh client, to connect, use the DNS Load Balancer as the endpoint.

ssh [email protected] -i. /path/to/ssh/key.pem