Updating Dash (Old Interface)

The following directions are for updating Dash using the old CloudFormation UI. If you are using the latest CloudFormation interface please follow this guide.

What Will You Need?

  • AWS User With Administrator Permissions – (the CloudFormation template creates resources that require a higher permission set)
  • Latest Dash Compliance Platform CloudFormation Template
  • Existing Dash Compliance Platform in your AWS account 
  • About 5 minutes of time

Update Instructions

  1. Download the latest CF (CloudFormation) template from this link: Dash Compliance Version Repository
  2. Log into AWS account and pick your region with existing Dash Compliance Platform installation
  3. Go to CloudFormation and choose existing Dash Compliance Platform installation.

4. Select Stack and press button ActionUpdate Stack

update cloudformation

5. Upload the latest CF (CloudFormation) template from Step 1.

6. Go to next page, and click “Next“. No changes are required. 

7. Go to next page, and click “Next“. No changes are required.

8. On this page select checkbox “I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation” might create IAM resources with custom names. and click “Update“.

update dash solutions

9. Wait 5-10 mins until the update process is complete. The Dash application will be updated and available for use.