Policy Calendar (Old)


Note: The following Dash Policy Calendar documentation is replaced with this Dash Policy Calendar document in Dash versions 2.3.0+

The Policy Calendar feature allows organizations to keep track of important compliance activities. These activities and their frequencies are determined in the Compliance Policies when users answer policy questions. Users will be reminded of activities as activity due dates approach. In addition, compliance issues will be created when the organization does not complete a policy activity on time. This feature is available on Dash Version 1.7.0 and later.

What Is a Policy Activity?

A policy activity is a meeting, task, or review that the organization must complete on a regular interval. These activities are related to at least one HIPAA control, if not more. Thus, in order for the organization to maintain proper levels of compliance, these activities must be completed on time regularly. Here are a few examples of policy activities: 

  • Review compliance policies (Policy Management Policy)
  • Perform a Risk Assessment (Risk Management Policy)
  • Test the Incident Response Plan (Incident Response Plan)

Activities usually occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

How do I Set Policy Activities?

  • Go to Policy Center -> Compliance Policies -> Edit Policy Management Policy
  • Scroll to the question “How often will all compliance policies be reviewed?”
HIPAA policy activities
  • Activities have two components:
    1. Next Due Date – When is the next time your organization should complete this activity.
    2. Reminder – How long before the due date do you want a reminder?
  • Most policies have policy activity questions in them. Fill out all policies to be sure that all policy activities are defined.

How Do I Review Policy Activities?

  • Go to Policy Center -> Policy Calendar
  • The Policy Calendar page will look like this:

From here you can:

  • View policy activity metadata and status
  • View overdue activity issues
  • Mark policy activities as completed
  • Add resolution notes to completed policy activities

When you resolve a policy activity, the next due date for that activity will be calculated.

Policy Activities are ordered with all the overdue activities at the top, with most overdue first. The upcoming activities are sorted with soonest due activities first.