Security Administrative Policies

Use Dash to generate required administrative policies and controls for your organization

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Build Effective Administrative Policies For Your Security Program

Dash enables organizations to implement administrative policies and cloud security policies built around regulatory requirements and cybersecurity frameworks. Dash policies address required standards for HIPAA/HITECH and SOC 2 and best security practices for organizations utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dash policies allow teams to quickly define standard operating procedures and jumpstart their compliance program.

17 Custom Compliance Policies

Dash provides organizations with expert created templates and a workflow for creating a package of 17 administrative policies including:

  • Employee Training Policy
  • Facility Management Policy
  • Breach Policy
  • Configuration Management Policy
  • Roles Policy
  • Auditing Policy
  • System Access Policy
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Custom Policies For Your Organization

Dash enables your team to holisticly implement administrative policies.
Our Policy Center operates similar to a Turbotax for compliance policies.

Custom Policies For Your Organization
Create Your Policies

Answer plain English questions about your organization and your technology to generate HIPAA administrative policies.

Enforce Your Policies

As you answer compliance questions and create policies, Dash sets automatic controls and shares administrative compliance issues through the Dash continuous compliance monitoring.

Version Control

Dash automatically versions and keeps a record of changes to your administrative policies.

Set Reminders & Notifications

For recurring tasks and administrative todos, Dash provides email reminders and a administrative workflows.

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Build Around Technical and Organizational Needs

Dash empowers your team to build compliance policies around your organization’s technologies and staff. Dash policies are built around AWS best security practices, with organizations able to define existing technologies and security solutions used by the security team for disaster recovery, intrusion detection, configuration management, etc. Teams of any size can define compliance roles and dictate security responsibilities in Dash policies. After customizing and creating policies, organizations will have a flexible set of security policies that are easy to understand and follow.

Security Guidance & Suggestions

Unsure about security standards? The Dash Policy Center walks organizations through security questions and provides recommendations and minimum requirements for defining security standards. Dash provides teams with options for implementing HIPAA minimum requirements, Dash recommended standards, and/or highest security practice. Teams can select security standards that meets their needs. Dash cloud experts are available to help answer questions and help your team develop your security program.

Manage Administrative Tasks Through The Policy Calendar

Dash automatically generates a Policy Calendar based around your set security policy standards. Security team members can view, manage, and document administrative tasks such as risk assessments, log reviews, disaster recovery testing, and employee training. Policy events can be viewed in Dash or connected into productivity tools including JIRA and Trello.

Policies Tied to Compliance Monitoring

After your team has developed Dash security policies, Dash will enforce policy set security standards with existing continuous compliance monitoring. Dash alerts organizations when cloud resources fall out of compliance with defined security policies and provides steps for resolving issues. Dash also provides security teams with alerts for completing administrative tasks such as risk assessments, staff training, and log reviews.

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Build Your Cloud Compliance Program

Implement custom policies and security controls for your compliance program