HIPAA Compliant Cloud

With Dash, your team can leverage the public cloud to build HIPAA compliant applications with minimal overhead. Build on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services and let us handle HIPAA.

Development As Usual

Dash makes your environment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS) HIPAA Compliant.

  • Build on the public cloud platforms you know
  • Flexibility to build on the tech stack you are used to
  • Avoid technical debt involved in migrating to HIPAA compliant backends and closed platforms
  • No hard deployment or development processes
  • See every part of the compliance process, and know that you are compliant

The Public Cloud, HIPAA Compliant

Dash provides a cloud deployment your team can launch to establish a secure environment and maintain HIPAA compliance. After launching Dash to your cloud, we provide a simple setup wizard and automated process for optimizing cloud services and generating administrative policies.

HIPAA compliant cloud dashboard

Security and Compliance Standards

Signed Business Associates Agreement (BAA)

Agreements from Dash and our cloud providers help keep your organization compliant.

Automated backup and disaster recovery

We insure that your data is backed up and available in case of emergency.

Advanced auditing and threat detection

Dash enables strict recordkeeping, and notifies you of potential compliance issues.

Administrative policy generation

Standard policies and procedures are created just for your organization.