Implement HIPAA Security Controls In The Cloud

Organizations utilize Dash to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security plans in the cloud. Dash makes it easy for your team to leverage the AWS cloud for building HIPAA compliant applicaitons.

Save Time – Manage all HIPAA administrative policies and technical controls so your team can get-to-market faster.

Lower Risk – Enforce high security standards and controls in the cloud.

Lower Cost – Save up to 50% versus on-premise and proprietary cloud solutions.

Fulfill HIPAA Requirements In The Cloud

Dash enables teams to plan and implement compliance safeguards and security controls including the following

Compliance Roles

Designate Security and Privacy Officer roles and define HIPAA compliance responsibilities within the organization.

Employee Training & Policies

Create policies for managing HIPAA requirements related to employee training and system access. Dictate access to PHI and sensitive data.

Audit Logging

Configure an audit logging solution and determine how logs are collected, reviewed, and accessed to meet HIPAA requirements.

Intrusion Detection

Implement and perform intrusion detection. Find malicious behavior and compliance issues before they become violations.

Risk Assessment & Review

Address HIPAA risk assessment and risk analysis requirements. Set review periods for gathering compliance information, reviewing safeguards, and handling reports.

Incident Response & Breach Notification

Create a standard operating procedure for responding to security incidents. Set policies for notifying customers and vendors of potential HIPAA security breaches.

Disaster Recovery

Setup a Disaster Recovery team and set Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) for responding to application and service availability issues within your organization.

Data Encryption & Decryption

Set standard policies and technical controls for encrypting PHI data in-transit and at-rest on AWS.

Healthcare Cloud Experts

Dash is developed and supported by healthcare and cloud experts. We help healthcare organizations realize the true power and flexibility of healthcare and the public cloud. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash has built around the compliance needs of the market-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We continually work to streamline HIPAA compliance across cloud services and technologies.

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