Simple Integration + Total Mobile Protection

Native Android and iOS libraries handle all of your security needs with just a few lines of code.

Initialize and Monitor App

Add your Dash “Project Key” to your app to connect to the Dash service.

Adding the initialize( ) function into your existing user login and registration initializes the Dash security library and sets up a secure partition for each user.


//set developer access token

//initialize user at registration/login
Dash.initialize("username", "password");

Encrypt Local App Data

Dash storage functions allow you to conduct database operations using familiar functions.

We automatically handle key exchange and allow you to store data safely and securely.

//Encrypted SharedPreferences

//Open or create an encrypted SQLite DB
SQLiteDatabase.openOrCreateDatabase(dbFile, null);

Enable Timeouts/Pin Screen

Set inactivity timeouts with one line of code.

Use Dash’s quick pin screen to confirm the correct user is accessing your app.

//set timeout duration (in minutes)

//Enable Pin Screen

Support for 98.7% of devices

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Android 2.3.3+

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iOS 7.0+

Mobile Security Doesn't Need To Be Difficult.

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