Complete Mobile Security Toolkit

We've built a full-featured platform to solve mobile security's biggest painpoints, so you don't have to.

Dash SDK mobile app encryption

Local Encryption

70 million devices are lost or stolen each year, with only 7% returned. With Dash, your organization can stop malicious/unknown actors from extracting sensitive app data. Dash allows your team to encrypt CoreData, SQLite and SharedPreferences data so only qualified users can see it, all with functions similar to native functions.

Dash SDK secure mobile app sessions

Session Security

Not every user has a password or pin enabled on their phone, making it hard to tell whether a user accessing your app is truly who they say they are. Dash allows you to easily implement a quick pin screen and app timeouts.

Dash SDK mobile user management

User & Data Management

The Dash admin dashboard allows you to oversee your app’s mobile security. With Dash, you can easily revoke user or device access to your app and local data. When user credentials change or a device is compromised, your team can easily disable access and prevent sensitive data from being lost or stolen.

Auditing & Logging

Recordkeeping is essential in identifying threats and seeing historic activity. Dash automatically keeps time-stamped logs of user activity. Our SDK tracks each user’s access attempts, pin entry, and encrypted data access. We collect this data for your records and make it available on our admin dashboard for compliance needs.

HIPAA Compliance

Many organizations secure their server and backend infrastructure, but neglect mobile security. With HIPAA violations costing thousands of dollars, security is a priority. Dash provides a HIPAA compliant platform that allows your organization to encrypt sensitive data, maintain secure sessions, and handle audit logging.

One library for all of your app security needs.

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