Make Any App Secure

From healthcare and HIPAA, to retail and customer information,
Dash provides the flexibility to secure any app.

digital health mobile security

Healthcare Apps

Building apps for the healthcare setting is hard. HIPAA violations can cost up to $50,000 per incidence, and security is crucial to protecting patient privacy. Dash provides a simple solution for securing mobile apps, handling auditing and logging, and complying with HIPAA requirements. We provide a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) and work in conjunction with your secure servers, to make healthcare apps as easy as consumer apps.

enterprise mobile security

Enterprise Apps

Security is a major consideration when providing a B2B service, an enterprise solution, or creating internal apps. Sensitive information for many users and organizations can be compromised due to loss, theft, and malicious behavior. Dash provides the tools to manage individual user and device data, so you can protect your organization and your users.

retail mobile security

Retail/Consumer Apps

Consumers provide a lot of personal information, and trust organizations to safely secure their data. At the same time, organizations are looking to confirm user identity and prevent fraudulent activity. Dash provides easy functions for encrypting data and confirming user identities. By implementing our pin screen, your organization can confirm that the correct user is accessing your app.

If your app handles sensitive information, we can help to secure it.

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