Dash Offers Migration Path for Affected CloudMine Customers

Philadelphia, PA
30 November 2018

For the last couple years, CloudMine has been a significant option for digital health companies and healthcare organizations searching for a HIPAA compliant backend service. Unfortunately, the company’s latest bankruptcy announcement and uncertain future has left customers in a predicament. Proprietary cloud environments and healthcare tools have allowed for rapid development but have made organizations wholly dependent on the vendor infrastructure.

Today, Dash is announcing that it will waive ALL implementation costs for current CloudMine customers, that choose to migrate to the Dash Compliance Automation Platform. The Dash Platform offers a robust alternative to HIPAA platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings such as CloudMine. Dash provides one central solution for managing regulatory compliance in the public cloud.

An Alternative to Proprietary Platforms

With proprietary HIPAA platforms, organizations can become locked into specific deployment and development processes. Utilizing these platforms is expensive, with prices increasing exponentially as teams scale up to even just a few servers, containers or environments.

Dash offers a pragmatic approach to managing HIPAA compliance. Teams install Dash on their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account and can utilize 100+ AWS services when building healthcare applications. The Dash platform then helps companies manage their applications in a HIPAA compliant manner under the cloud shared responsibility model, by handling required administrative policies and technical controls.

AWS is one of the most widely used cloud platforms in the world, meaning there is minimal risk of services being shutdown, since clients use AWS services rather than proprietary technology and hosted backend services. With instant availability, scalability, and development tools, AWS is becoming a preferred option for developing applications. Dash is unlocking the public cloud for use in healthcare.

Our Mission

Besides providing a path for organizations a path to a compliant, Dash will be continuing to share insight into regulatory concerns and helping foster collaboration in the healthcare community.

“As a Philadelphia company, we are ready to help healthcare organizations locally and across the US manage regulatory concerns, continue operations and improving patient outcomes. Philadelphia companies are creating some incredible innovations in digital health and we look forward to seeing these organizations continue building around the health mission.“

–Jacob Nemetz, CEO Dash Solutions

If you are weighing your options for HIPAA management, hosting, or migrations, feel free to send us a message at [email protected] or request a demo of the Dash Automation Platform.