Dash Solutions Launches Continuous Compliance Monitoring for the Public Cloud

Philadelphia, PA
20 March 2019

Recently, there has been a flurry of debate around reforming HIPAA and adapting regulations to modern technologies. With a growing number of healthcare organizations and vendors turning to public cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Dash Solutions takes a different approach to HIPAA compliance – automate the monitoring of HIPAA safeguards and concerns in the cloud.

In its latest product release, the Dash Compliance Automation Platform, Dash allows healthcare security teams to scan AWS cloud services and receive alerts about compliance issues before they can turn into breaches. With Dash, organizations create, adopt, and connect customized compliance policies to specific technical monitoring. As a result Dash offers proactive monitoring and enforcement which is unique and customized to the customer’s applications. Dash has coined this approach of proactively detecting HIPAA issues “Continuous Compliance Monitoring”.

With over 83% of healthcare organizations using some form of cloud platform, Dash aims to simplify to the process of managing compliance in the public cloud. Currently, healthcare organizations and vendors work with consultants and staff to address HIPAA technical safeguards and build out technical controls. Security teams implement solutions including backup, audit logging, and vulnerability scanning, and have to spend numerous man-hours confirming security items, building scripts and monitoring cloud environments.

“A risk assessment only shows an organization’s compliance concerns at a single point in time. Dash offers organizations a way to gather an immense amount of regulatory insight compared to a risk assessment, so organizations can get an instant view into their state of compliance.” – Jacob Nemetz, CEO

Dash, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, configures and monitors individual AWS services, so that teams can streamline compliance management in their cloud. The latest changes are available to all current Dash customers, which include digital health companies, urgent care facilities, and healthcare providers.

About Dash Solutions

Dash Solutions enables digital health leaders, healthcare providers, and healthcare vendors to build and manage innovative healthcare solutions in the cloud, without the challenges of maintaining HIPAA compliance. Dash alleviates the burden of compliance by allowing fresh innovation through technology adoption. Hospitals and health systems leverage Dash to evaluate security and compliance practices and to extend their reach beyond the datacenter into the public cloud.

You can find Dash Compliance Automation Suite on the web at www.dashsdk.com

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