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Dash is the nerve center for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining HIPAA compliance in the public cloud.

Unlock Healthcare

Learn how Dash empowers healthcare innovators to build, manage and scale compliant healthcare services

Unlock Healthcare
Enable Rapid Development

Utilize market-leading cloud services to build solutions and get-to-market faster.

Improve Your Security Profile

Manage your organization’s security profile and compliance state in real-time.

Policy Creation

Create custom administrative HIPAA policies

Technical Scanning

Implement and monitor HIPAA technical controls in your cloud

Instant Notifications

Receive realtime notifications when an issue is detected

AWS Scalable

Build and scale your organization using Amazon services

Cloud Compliance Management

Explore the healthcare platform for rapidly building and managing HIPAA compliant services in the public cloud.

Easy Implementation

Deployment Into Your AWS Account

Custom Administrative Policies

Automated Technical Controls

No Vendor Lock-in

Cloud Compliance Management

Unlock Your Cloud For Healthcare