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Ready To Streamline HIPAA Compliance?

Dash streamlines compliance configuration and management for the public cloud.

Build around AWS, the market-leading cloud provider

Create custom administrative policies based around your organization

Maintain compliance, with continuous compliance monitoring

Instantly scale your infrastructure to meet your needs

Ready To Streamline HIPAA Compliance?

Automate Your HIPAA Compliance Process

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hipaa business associates agreement baa

What Is A HIPAA Business Associates Agreement (BAA)?

A Business Associates’ Agreement or “BAA” is an agreement entered by a covered entity and business associate when a vendor may receive access to Protected Health Information (PHI). Learn about what signing a BAA entails.

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hipaa compliant cloud storage

Top 5 Options for HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage 2018

Organizations can use cloud storage solutions for file storage, sharing, and collaboration. Learn about which cloud storage solutions can be configured in a HIPAA compliant manner

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nist hipaa compliance

NIST and HIPAA Compliance

The NIST CSF provides a HIPAA publication with guidelines for organizations who must comply with HIPAA regulations and are following the NIST framework. Learn about the connection between NIST and HIPAA compliance.

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