Dash ComplyOps

HIPAA Compliance Configuration and Management in Amazon Web Services.

Install ComplyOps

Deploy Dash ComplyOps into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account via the AWS Marketplace.

Configure Security Controls

Establish custom administrative policies, set technical controls across cloud services, and customize your security plan.

Monitor Compliance

ComplyOps scans and monitors your cloud services, detects HIPAA compliance issues, and helps resolve compliance concerns.

Manage Your HIPAA Security Plan In AWS

Dash is your solution for building and managing your HIPAA security plan in the public cloud

dash compliance center

Monitor, Detect, and Resolve HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Security Concerns 

Create HIPAA Administrative Policies for Your Organization With Dash

security compliance tear sheet

Build Compliance Reports, Prove Compliance, and Answer Vendor Assessments

Learn More about Security and Compliance Validation


hipaa compliant aws services

Build HIPAA Compliant Applications With Standard AWS Services, Such As EC2, S3, RDS…

Save Time & Money

Dash streamlines security and compliance operations, so your organization can easily manage HIPAA compliance. Security teams can save hundreds of man-hours a month by using Dash.

Leverage The Public Cloud

Using Dash and AWS, gives organizations the ability to build and scale services on-demand. Pay for only the resources your team needs.

Avoid Expensive Consultants

Dash makes it easy to create administrative policies and monitor compliance, so you can avoid hiring expensive consultants and lawyers.

Save Time & Money

Get Started With Cloud Compliance Management

Reduce Compliance Risk

Reduce Compliance Risk

Dash empowers teams to set and enforce high security and compliance standards. Our automated compliance process enables your team to set administrative and technical controls across your cloud environment.

Policies That Fit Your Organization

Dash provides customized HIPAA administrative policies that fit your organization’s staff and technologies.

Compliance Monitoring

Dash continuously scans your cloud environment for compliance issues, allowing your team to identify and resolve issues quicker than single point-in-time assessments.

Powering Better Clinical Outcomes

“Our confidence in answering security questionnaires is far beyond what we ever experienced with any other HIPAA solution.”


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