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Get Audit Ready In 30 Days

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to rapidly build security programs and prepare for security audits. Quickly set internal controls, collect evidence and prepare for security audits and attestations such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Get Audit Ready. Manage Compliance.

Implement required security controls. Gather all necessary evidence and artifacts required by auditors.

Speed up Assessment and Procurement.

Streamline the audit process and painlessly achieve security certification by working with our trusted auditing partners.

Available Security Programs

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to create and maintain security programs and meet security frameworks and regulatory standards including the following.


Validate security efforts to customers and partners.


Protect health information and patient data.

ISO 27001

Secure and protect data for the international markets.


Safeguard financial data and meet regulatory requirements.

NIST 800-53

Secure your organization and meet NIST cybersecurity standards.

AWS Security

Manage security across your cloud infrastructure.

Manage Security Operations

Dash ComplyOps provides real-time monitoring of your compliance status through continuous compliance monitoring. Manage ongoing compliance tasks through Dash security management and workflows.

Get instant visibility into your cloud environments, put security and operations teams on the same page, and save 100s of hours of manual work per month.

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Create A Sustainable Security Program

Dash enables your team to build proactive security practices rather than simply checking the box. Dash ComplyOps allows your team to create customized security standards and design a security program around your organization and technologies.

Create customized administrative policies, set automated security controls and guardrails make it easy for your team to maintain a robust cloud security program, even after completing the audit process.

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AWS Security Automation

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments.