Administrative Policies & Controls

Use Dash to generate required administrative policies and controls for your organization

Build Effective Policies For Your Security Program

Dash ComplyOps enables your team to quickly create custom policies and procedures for your organization. Administrative policies are mapped to regulatory requirements for HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and AWS Best Practices and are enforced through compliance monitoring and controls.

administrative security controls

Start Building Policies For Your Security Program

Streamlined Policy Process

Create security policies that your team will actually follow and execute on. Dash security policies are actually connected to baseline security controls, allowing your team to enforce policy security standards.

Dash provides +20 security policies and security controls including:

  • System Access Policy
  • Auditing Policy
  • Configuration Management Policy
  • Employee Training Policy
  • Breach Policy
  • Incident Response Policy
custom hipaa policies

Develop Your Cloud Security Program

Answer Organization Questions

Create administrative policies by answering plain-English questions. Policies are tied into technical controls and event reminders.

Follow Security Guidance

Dash policies provide guidance for regulatory requirements, recommended standards, and highest security practices.

Create & Maintain Security Polices

Dash provides alerts when cloud resources fall out of compliance with defined security policies.

Dash ComplyOps

Build Your Cloud Security Program

Implement custom policies and security controls for your compliance program