SOC 2 Compliance Automation

Build and Maintain Your SOC 2 Compliance Program In The Public Cloud

What Is SOC 2?

The SOC 2 Reporting Framework that defines security standards for managing client data, and is developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Software vendors and SaaS companies, especially in regulated industries are often asked by clients and enterprise companies to provide an up-to-date SOC 2 report. Achieving a SOC 2 Type 2 report makes it easy to validate security efforts and streamline client procurement.

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Achieve SOC 2 Compliance With Dash ComplyOps

Prepare Security Program

Organizations should establish a SOC 2 security program that addresses Trust Services Criteria. Teams can leverage Dash to develop administrative policies, implement cloud security controls, and gather all security evidence and documentation to prepare for an audit.

Perform A SOC 2 Audit

Organizations must engage with a AICPA-affiliated third-party audit firm to perform a SOC 2 audit. Dash provides teams with a reputable audit firm that has worked with similar clients and security expertise.

Maintain SOC 2 Controls

After receiving a SOC 2 report organizations must continue to maintain SOC 2 internal controls across their cloud environment. Teams can utilize Dash continuous compliance monitoring to stay current with security controls and complete their annual SOC 2 audit.

Develop Your Cloud SOC 2 Security Program

Streamlined SOC 2 Audit Process

Dash enables teams to plan and implement internal controls in the public cloud and achieve SOC 2

Set Security Policies and Security Criteria

Dash ComplyOps makes it simple for your team to identify SOC 2 security gaps across your cloud infrastructure and implement proper security controls.

Dash enables teams to create custom administrative policies mapped to the latest SOC 2 trust service criteria and enforce controls through continuous compliance monitoring.

Dash allows teams to:

  • Define SOC 2 necessary administrative security policies 
  • Set cloud security controls for SOC 2
  • Monitor and enforce security standards across your cloud environment 
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Inventory SOC 2 Security Controls

Dash automatically creates an inventory of SOC 2 security controls and collects all security evidence necessary for your SOC 2 audit.

Teams can collect all relevant documents, security evidence and agreements. Teams should consider gathering the following security evidence for assessment:

  • Administrative Security Policies
  • Cloud Security Controls
  • Cloud Documentation & Attestations
  • Vendor Documentation
  • Security Solution Evidence – Vulnerability Scanning, Intrusion Detection, etc

Pass Your SOC 2 Security Audit

Once your team has prepared SOC 2 security controls and collected evidence with Dash ComplyOps, your organization is ready to go though an audit to evaluate SOC 2 criteria and receive your security certification. 

Teams can work with one of Dash’s reputable auditing partners to quickly conduct a formal SOC 2 security audit and achieve SOC 2 Type 1 and/or SOC 2 Type 2 report.

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Build And Automate Your SOC 2 Security Program

Learn Why Companies Turn To Dash To Achieve SOC 2

Numerous Software Vendors, Fintech Companies, and SaaS Solutions turn to Dash ComplyOps to help build their SOC 2 security program, monitor security controls, and pass SOC 2 security audits.

Learn how Dash can empower your team to create a robust cloud security program, simplify the SOC 2 audit process, and save hundreds of hours of preparation time. Get started with Dash today.

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Achieve SOC 2 Compliance In The Cloud

Automate SOC 2 Controls and achieve SOC 2 Type 2