Seamless AWS Cloud Security

Manage security and compliance across your AWS cloud environments. 

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Build Your Cloud-Based Security Program

Whether you are developing your first product or scaling an enterprise solution, Dash ComplyOps can help your team build and manage an effective cloud security program.

Adopt policies and procedures based around your organization’s maturity and security goals. Leverage compliance monitoring and security workflows from Dash to follow-through. 

Create Administrative Policies

Create and adopt formalized security policies and procedures. With Dash, your team can quickly create a security plan address all necessary administrative safeguards.

Customize and adopt 20+ administrative policy documents based on plain-English questions about your organization, technologies, and security goals.

Connect To Compliance Monitoring

Create a proactive security program, by connecting administrative policies to real-time monitoring and automated security controls. Dash ComplyOps scans your cloud environment for security and compliance issues across all of your cloud resources and ensures that your team is truly meeting the standards defined in your policies.

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Maintain High Cloud Security Standards

Ensure your cloud architecture is secure, compliant, and meet AWS best practices and AWS Well Architected, with the help of Dash.

Dash compliance monitoring and automated security controls enable your team to ensure that AWS workloads are configuration correctly and meet standards AWS Well Architected and standards including SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

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AWS Security Automation

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments.

7-day risk free trial.