Automated Security Controls

Set effective security controls and enforcement across your AWS cloud environments.

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Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Simplify security work for DevOps and Tech teams, maintain effective security controls and set infrastructure guardrails to ensure security as you scale and grow your organization and cloud.

Set a security baseline and maintain robust security standards.

Automatically detect configuration and security issues.

Effortlessly resolve and remediate security issues.

Dash Provided Security Controls

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Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Ensure infrastructure and sensitive data is secure and protected. Easily maintain compliance standards and get audit ready with security rules mapped to SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

With Dash, security teams can automatically monitor cloud environments, identify compliance issues, conflicts with policies, and ensure all cloud assets have proper configuration.

dash devops security workflows

Effective DevOps Workflow & Guardrails

Seamlessly manage compliance across all cloud security services. View and address security findings identified by Dash ComplyOps and AWS cloud native security services.

Connect compliance monitoring into your existing JIRA and ticketing workflow.  Leverage Dash security workflows for automated issue tracking and remediation.

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Dash ComplyOps

AWS Security Automation

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments.

7-day risk free trial.