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Dash is on a mission to unlock healthcare and finance in the cloud and simplify regulatory compliance

The State of Compliance

The old approach to compliance and managing security standards such as HIPAA and SOC 2 involves relying on lawyers for compliance paperwork and working with expensive consultants to configure security safeguards. At Dash, we are here to change that. With Dash ComplyOps, healthcare organizations can easily implement compliance policies, technical controls and maintain regulatory compliance in the public cloud.

Traditional approaches to compliance have drawbacks:

  • Address Only Administrative or Technical Standards
  • Involves Expensive Consultants/Lawyers
  • Depend on Single Point-In-Time Assessments

Introducing Cloud Compliance Automation

Dash offers a single solution for configuring and managing security and compliance programs including HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and the public cloud.

Healthcare and financial organizations, software vendors, and startups want to focus on innovation and product development rather than burdensome regulations. Dash enables organizations can manage regulatory concerns, while developing applications on the market-leading cloud platform.

  • Policy Driven

Dash enables healthcare organizations and software vendors to create administrative policies built around your organization, technologies and your public cloud platform. Dash allows your team to rapidly create administrative security policies, while saving hundreds of of man-hours.

See Dash Security Policies

  • Compliance Monitoring

Rather than relying on single point-in-time risk assessments which become outdated, Dash enforces policies with continuous compliance monitoring. Dash automatically scans your cloud environment for security and compliance issues and provides steps for resolving issues.

See Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring

  • Advanced Reporting

Dash provides organizations with an inventory of compliance controls and reports that show the organization’s state of compliance. Security teams can use Dash security reports to help streamline security risk assessments (SRAs) and enterprise security questionnaires.

See Dash Security Reports

  • Built For The Public Cloud

Dash is built around Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the public cloud. Organizations can leverage Dash ComplyOps and take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of AWS to build HIPAA compliant applications, achieve SOC 2 certification and manage healthcare workloads in the cloud.

Build New Security Programs

Organizations creating security programs for the first time can utilize Dash to rapidly build administrative policies and enforce security and compliance standards in AWS. Organizations can save thousands of dollars versus proprietary solutions and build on established AWS cloud services to quickly build compliant applications and get-to-market.

Improve Existing Security Programs

Organizations with an establish security team can utilize Dash ComplyOps to automate their compliance workflow. Dash enables teams to customize policies, cloud security controls, and connect Dash insight into existing security workflow. Teams can connect Dash security findings to workflow tools such as JIRA, Trello, as well as SIEM platforms such as Splunk.

Cloud Security and Compliance Leader

Dash is developed and supported by healthcare and cloud experts. We help healthcare organizations realize the true power and flexibility of healthcare and the public cloud. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash has built around the compliance needs of the market-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We continually work to streamline HIPAA compliance across the hundreds of available cloud services and technologies.

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