Navigating HITRUST Compliance

Learn how to prepare your security program for HITRUST compliance and best practices for achieving HITRUST certification.

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Best practices when preparing for HITRUST certification.

Managing HITRUST Compliance

Software vendors, startups, and healthcare innovators that are selling to healthcare providers are must manage regulatory and compliance concerns. Organizations often work to achieve HITRUST certification in order to validate their security posture to clients. 

HITRUST is a comprehensive cybersecurity framework that enables organizations to comply with HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 2, and other compliance frameworks. Organizations must develop their security program and go through a formal audit to achieve HITRUST certification.

Learn How To Prepare and Manage HITRUST Compliance

Checklist For HITRUST Compliance

Organizations must be prepared for security assessment and audit in order to achieve HITRUST certification. Teams should have administrative policies and security controls in place to streamline the assessment process. Being prepared and able to answer security questions will make the process a lot easier.

In the above guide, we describe how organizations should look at their security program and manage security standards to streamline the HITRUST assessment process. It is our hope that this guide makes healthcare startups, innovators, and software vendors better prepared to achieve HITRUST certification and administer security and compliance standards.

Building Your HITRUST Security Program?

Learn about building a security program and preparing for HITRUST certification

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