Dash Cloud Monitoring Tool

Streamline security and compliance monitoring in the cloud

AWS Cloud Monitoring Overview

Public cloud providers give organizations meaningful flexibility and an ability to instantly scale applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading public cloud platforms. Regulated industries such as healthcare and finance are building applications and managing workloads in the public cloud. With the regulatory concerns and sensitive nature of data, it is important that security teams adequately maintain security controls in the cloud.

DevOps and security teams are responsible for maintaining cloud services and ensuring application security, compliance and availability. These teams turn to cloud monitoring tools and AWS monitoring tools to simplify general operations. Cloud monitoring tools and SaaS solutions connect into user cloud accounts and provide insight on many key organization issues and metrics.

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Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Dash ComplyOps provides organizations with a view into their state of compliance. With Dash, security teams can set administrative and technical controls and monitor their entire cloud account for security and compliance issues. Organizations can monitor their entire AWS infrastructure for potential security misconfigurations and are alerted of any potential issues that may cause the organization to become non-compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FedRamp, as well as cybersecurity frameworks including SOC 2 and NIST 800-53.

Dash empowers security teams to build a robust security plan and manage security and compliance concerns over time. The cloud monitoring platform makes it simple to automate security and compliance controls and streamline security team operations.

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Set Cloud Polices

Dash enables teams to set custom cloud security policies based around your organization’s technologies and staff needs.

Find Cloud Security Issues

Dash monitors your AWS environment, enforces your policies, and determines where there are issues across your cloud resources.

Secure AWS Resources

Dash provides insight and options for remediating and resolving cloud security issues found in your cloud infrastructure.

Monitor Your Cloud Environment For For Security and Compliance Risk

Instant Visibility into Cloud Security and Compliance

Dash is an AWS monitoring tool that enables your team to see where your organization is falling short in your security and compliance efforts. Our compliance platform provides an instant view into security issues across all AWS services. See how cloud services and configuration changes in realtime. Dash gives teams steps for remediating concerns before they turn into security breaches.

  • S3 Bucket Access
  • EC2 Security Port Issues
  • IAM Permissions Issues
  • Password Policy Issues
  • Encryption Settings
Policy Driven Monitoring

Utilize Dash to create your own set of administrative policies, based on your organization structure and technologies. Policies are mapped to compliance frameworks and connect to Dash technical controls. This means that as your organization sets administrative policies, Dash automatically scans through your cloud environment and alerts your team of issues that may conflict with your policies.

Compliance Layer

Dash makes it easy for teams to build controls around HIPAA regulatory safeguards. Dash provides organizations with a compliance monitoring layer that can be used alongside other cloud monitoring tools. Your organization can see cloud issues related to HIPAA/HITECH regulations, and can resolve issues before they turn into a full-blown breach. Dash can significantly reduce operations burdens faced by HIPAA Security and Privacy Officers.

Cloud Security Scanning

Dash scans of all of your AWS services for security issues related to compliance standards and security best practices. Dash scans cloud resources to find issues around encryption, access control, networking, backup, and more. Dash enables your team to automate your cloud audits.

Advanced Reporting and Auditing

Teams can leverage the advanced reporting features of Dash to validate security efforts and view insight into AWS cloud security. Organizations can use reports and artifacts to answer security risk assessments (SRAs) and demonstrate security.

Start Detecting Security and Compliance Concerns in Your Cloud Environment

Get Started With Dash Cloud Monitoring

See how Dash empowers security teams to monitor, detect, and remediate security and compliance issues in the public cloud. Dash automatically scans your organization’s AWS cloud environment for security issues and service misconfigurations.

Utilize Dash to create a robust security plan, set administrative policies, enforce technical controls, and maintain regulatory compliance across Amazon Web Services.