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Learn how Dash has helped organizations build security programs and streamline regulatory compliance

Steamlined Healthcare Compliance

From startups to enterprise healthcare Dash helps healthcare organizations build robust security programs and streamline HIPAA/HITECH compliance. Dash empowers healthcare innovators to rapidly build, scale, and manage complaint applications in the cloud.

“In Amazon there are countless useful tools that save time, are easier to use, and faster to build our product vs other proprietary HIPAA solutions.”

-Don Barlow, Redsson

Redsson Developed A Robust HIPAA Security Program With Dash
See how this Healthtech company developed their HIPAA security program

Redsson offers a range of technical solutions for healthcare. One of their offerings is a service that helps health systems’ cancer registries find lost patients and maintain follow up communication with them.

“Dash provided exceptional service and HIPAA expertise while working together to define our HIPAA policies and procedures. Because their solution is customized for our needs and tailored to AWS, we achieved a much greater level of confidence in building and scaling our AWS HIPAA compliant applications.”

-Roger Killer, Clineva

Clineva Navigates Compliance and Manages Healthcare Applications With Dash
See how healthcare providers manage HIPAA compliant workloads

Clineva has several urgent care clinics in Southern California. Clineva allows patients to utilize its waiting room and patient interaction service called Clineva Camp that allows patients to register and locate their records quickly and securely.

Build and Automate Your Compliance Program

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