Automate Cloud Compliance and Security

Streamline Cloud Security, Connect to Regulatory and Compliance

dash hipaa compliance platform

Compliance for the Public Cloud

Dash is a nerve center for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining HIPAA compliance in the public cloud. Driven by policy aware monitoring and technical automation, Dash provides a unified platform for policy management, compliance alerts, and compliance safeguard implementation.

Using Dash, teams can effectively manage HIPAA compliance across their cloud infrastructure and focus on product innovation.

Compliance for the Public Cloud

Introducing dash cap

The Cloud Compliance Automation Platform

Build your cloud security program and manage regulatory compliance (HIPAA, NIST CSF).

dash compliance center
hipaa compliance
nist hipaa compliance

Build Compliant Cloud Solutions

Leverage 100+ cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to build scalable compliant solutions.

Get-To-Market Faster

Rapidly implement all necessary security policies, and technical safeguards, needed for compliance.

Prepare For Security Assessments

Use Dash to build a robust security plan and prepare for vendor risk assessments and enterprise healthcare procurement.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Monitor and maintain cloud security standards with Dash automatic remediation and “click-to-fix”.

Learn how healthcare innovators are streamlining cloud compliance and security with Dash

dash vendor risk management

Introducing dash vrm

The Vendor Risk Management Solution

Dash VRM provides a platform for connecting health providers and healthcare vendors. Providers can evaluate 3rd party risk and vendors can prepare for security assessment.

Connecting Providers & Vendors

Dash enables vendors and providers to share security information and improve security programs. 

Speed Up Vendor Onboarding

Utilize Dash VRM to speed up vendor procurement processes and easily onboard vendors.

Digital Vendor Assessments

Build digital assessments and avoid unwieldy paper assessments and excel documents.

Security Evaluation

Easily collect security and compliance information and evaluate vendor risk across your organization.

Learn how healthcare providers can evaluate 3rd party risk and vendors can prepare for security assessments

Cloud Compliance Experts

Dash is developed and supported by healthcare and cloud experts. We help healthcare organizations realize the true power and flexibility of healthcare and the public cloud. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash has built around the compliance needs of the market-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We continually work to remove compliance barriers across the hundreds of available cloud services and technologies.