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Streamline cloud security. Manage regulatory compliance without consultants or outsourcing


Unrivaled Security For Any Environment


Security Monitoring


Scans & Checks


Protected AWS Resources


Of Policies Created

Effortless Security & Compliance For AWS

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments. Ensure security controls are current, Optimize DevOps processes, and meet compliance requirements.

Get Audit Ready. Manage Compliance.

Create custom administrative policies, set technical controls, and prepare for compliance standards including SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Enforce AWS Cloud Security Baseline

Create and adopt robust security baselines for your cloud workloads. Enforce security controls across all cloud resources.

Simplify Security Operations

Centralize compliance workflows, security operations, and data governance alongside your existing cloud-native solutions.

24/7 Compliance Monitoring

Leverage Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring to identify and resolve security and compliance issues across cloud environments.

Reduce Cloud Security Spending

30% lower cost versus managing 3-5 security point solutions.

Meet Compliance Standards In Weeks. Not Months.

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to create and maintain security programs and meet security frameworks and regulatory standards including the following.


Validate security efforts to customers and partners.


Protect health information and patient data.

ISO 27001

Secure and protect data for the international markets.

AWS Security

Manage security across your cloud infrastructure.

Implement The Cornerstones Of Your AWS Security Program

Organizations of all stages leverage Dash ComplyOps to implement robust security processes and meet their compliance goals.

Audit Preparation

Set administrative standards, implement technical controls, collect evidence, and achieve compliance with SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and more.

  • Implement required internal controls for your security program.
  • Automatically gather audit evidence and security artifacts.
  • Work with audit partners to complete your audit in half the time.
  • Validate security efforts with clients and partners.

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Cloud Security Automation

Validate cloud configuration and ensure proper data governance with Dash continuous compliance monitoring and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

  • Realtime monitoring of AWS cloud environments.
  • Enforce administrative policies with baseline security controls.
  • 50% lower monitoring cost vs other solutions.

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Unified Governance & Compliance

Create administrative policies based around your organization, create tasks, and manage security operations all in one central location.

  • Create 20+ administrative policies.
  • Manage ongoing security tasks and DevOps tasks related to your infrastructure.
  • Quickly answer security questionnaires.

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DevOps Workflows & Integrations

Connect security and operations insight into your existing DevOps and SecOps workflows. Save your Security Team 100s of hours of manually work a year.

  • Monitor cloud security and operations in real-time.
  • Connect operations issues to JIRA ticketing.
  • Manage AWS resources and workloads with ease.

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Your Trusted AWS Partner

Dash ComplyOps is designed and supported by cloud security and compliance experts. Dash is an AWS Technical and Healthcare Software Competency Partner. Our team has helped numerous security teams build, extend and optimize their AWS cloud security programs.

Whether your team is developing your first application or expanding your security program to meet enterprise procurement or security certification, Dash can help accelerate your organization’s security initiatives.

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ToothFairy – From Startup To Acquired

“Dash ComplyOps helped our team streamline the HIPAA compliance process. Our development team has become more knowledgeable about security and compliance”

– Trude Henderson, ToothFairy

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Vivalink Manages Compliance Operations With Dash

“Dash ComplyOps helped ensure that our market leading real-world vital data platform for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical clinical trials meet security and policy standards for compliance.” 

– Tom Wang, Vivalink

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AWS Security Automation

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments.