Compliance Automation

Dash ComplyOps enables organizations across regulated industries to build, manage and maintain compliance in the cloud.

Software & SaaS

Dash helps SaaS providers and software companies manage security and regulatory compliance in the cloud.


Dash helps healthtech companies, providers, and software vendors manage security and regulatory compliance in the cloud.


Dash helps FinTech companies build enterprise security programs and maintain security compliance standards in the cloud.

SOC 2 Compliance Automation

Dash ComplyOps enables Fintech, SaaS, software vendors, and larger enterprises quickly build and manage SOC 2 compliance standards across AWS and the public cloud. With Dash, teams are able to quick define a robust SOC 2 program, set security standards, monitor and validate compliance standards to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 reports. Learn how Dash helps companies validate security and close larger deals.

soc 2 type 2
  • Policies & Security Controls

Dash empowers teams to build security policies mapped to SOC 2 required standards and based around the organization’s technologies. Policies are enforced through cloud security controls and on-going monitoring.

  • Evidence Collection & Audit Preparation

Security teams utilize Dash continuous compliance monitoring and advanced control reporting to prepare for SOC 2 audits. Teams can easily collect evidence across cloud services and achieve SOC 2 compliance with audit partners.

Recieve Your SOC 2 Type 2 Report

Dash enables SaaS and software vendors to build SOC 2 security programs, manage audit readiness and quickly achieve SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2.

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Automation

Dash ComplyOps provides healthtech companies, software vendors, and healthcare providers with a solution for building, managing, and monitoring HIPAA/HITECH compliance in AWS and the public cloud. Healthcare organizations turn to Dash to build and manage HIPAA compliant workloads in the cloud.

hipaa compliance
  • Policy Driven

Dash enables healthcare organizations to rapidly create HIPAA administrative policies, based on the organization’s technologies and staff structure. Teams can answer plain-English questions and build robust security policies for their organization.

  • Compliance Monitoring

Dash enforces HIPAA standards through continuous compliance monitoring. Dash automatically scans cloud services for security and compliance issues and provides organization’s steps for resolving issues and maintaining compliance.

Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Dash empowers healthtech companies and healthcare organizations to build a HIPAA security program and manage security questionnaires.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Dash ComplyOps is built around the market-leading cloud platforms. Security teams can utilize the platform to build, manage, and audit cloud security programs in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Dash security policies are mapped to cloud security best practices. Teams can audit and monitor cloud environments and resources through continuous compliance monitoring. Teams can define a cloud security baseline and resolve cloud service issues related to networking, encryption, audit logging, and backup, and more.

Dash enables organizations to manage security and compliance in the cloud:

  • Set security policies around cloud services
  • Implement AWS and Azure best practices
  • Audit cloud services and resources
  • Generate cloud security reports
  • Fulfill cloud shared responsibilities

A Compliance and Cloud Leader

Dash is developed and supported by security and cloud experts. We help organizations realize the true power and flexibility of healthcare and the public cloud. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash has built around the compliance needs of market-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We continually work to streamline regulatory compliance across the hundreds of available cloud services and technologies.

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Automate Your Cloud Security Program

See how Dash automates compliance and security assessment in the public cloud