HIPAA Compliance for MSPs

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Dash ComplyOps enables MSPs and Managed SOCs to generate cloud security policies, technical controls, and manage security remediation for AWS cloud customers.

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Manage Compliance for Clients in Regulated Industries

Dash provides managed service providers (MSPs) with a solution for managing regulatory compliance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the public cloud. MSPs can use Dash as a single solution for managing administrative policies, technical controls, and cloud security for clients operating in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance.

Leverage Dash ComplyOps to provide HIPAA compliant services for customers and expand your overall cloud services. With Dash, MSPs can build offerings catered to the healthcare industry.

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Provide Robust Security Programs for AWS Clients

Utilize Dash to build robust cloud security programs for clients. Monitor and maintain high cloud security standards by leveraging Dash continuous compliance monitoring. Use Dash as a tool to empower your DevOps and SecOps teams and gain better visibility into client security.

Dash monitors and detects security and compliance concerns across AWS accounts and provides steps or resolving these security issues. Security events can be viewed and managed in Dash or other services such as your organization’s SIEM solution. With Dash, MSPs can better manage cloud security events and set security standards for clients.

Acquire New Clients

Address concerns for the healthcare vertical. Healthcare organizations and vendors are increasingly adopting the public cloud, and are looking for experts to help manage security, compliance, and account management.

Increase Profits

Healthcare organizations must manage security risk assessments and remediate compliance issues. By adding services around compliance your organization can significantly increase customer MRR.

Add Premium Services

Provide compliance services that clients expect. Dash enables MSPs to act as a trusted partner for managing security, regulatory compliance and managed security operations center (SOC) services.

Implement Compliance Standards

hipaa compliance

HIPAA/HITECH – Build and manage HIPAA security programs for AWS. Use Dash to set HIPAA administrative policies, implement technical controls, and monitor HIPAA requirements for client accounts.

soc 2 type 2

SOC 2 – Build and manage security programs around SOC 2. Manage compliance controls, and policies to meet enterprise security and compliance.

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NIST CSF – Build and manage security programs around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Build around the framework trusted by enterprise security teams and Fortune 500 companies.

Security and Compliance Policies

Dash provides custom security policies based on regulatory compliance requirements and security best practices. Use Dash to provide clients with necessary HIPAA administrative policies and cloud security policies.

Cloud Security and Compliance Controls

Dash allows organizations to define all necessary regulatory technical controls such as backup, disaster recovery (DR), audit logging, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection.

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

Dash scans and monitors cloud accounts for security and compliance issues. Utilize Dash to ensure compliance for AWS and cloud resources with Dash continuous compliance monitoring.

Dash: Your Trusted Compliance Partner

Dash is developed and supported by healthcare and cloud experts. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash has built around the compliance needs of the market-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services. We help organizations remove barriers to regulatory compliance and maintain high security standards.

Dash provides managed service providers (MSPs) with solutions for providing HIPAA compliant cloud services to clients. Learn how your team can leverage Dash to offer more compelling services to healthcare clients and regulated industries. See how Dash works with MSP partners.

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