How ToothFairy Software Managed HIPAA from Inception to Acquisition

Read this healthtech company’s journey from startup to acquired. 

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ToothFairy – Customer Experience Management Software For Dental Practices

ToothFairy LP, is a HealthTech company that provides customer experience management (CXM) software for dental practices. The company was planning to handle protected health information (PHI), and recognized the need to build and maintain a HIPAA security program and ensure that their team was building compliant solutions.


Determining cloud security needs and managing HIPAA compliance

While building a new software offering, ToothFairy was navigating HIPAA compliance and developing a cloud security while trying to build a continue key product development activities. The company saw the importance of creating a robust security program but had limited bandwidth to develop a program from scratch.

Initially ToothFairy evaluated several solutions, but determined that these solutions were administrative and did not provide any controls for their cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Compliance Challenges 
“We didn’t want to have something on paper. We wanted to create something we could actually follow-through with.”
HIPAA Requirements

The company was planning to handle protected health information (PHI) and needed to meet all HIPAA requirements.

Cloud Security Needs

The company needed to ensure the solutions they were building in AWS cloud were secure and HIPAA compliant.

Limited Time & Personnel

The company had limited staff and did not want to hire another full-time employee to develop their compliance program.

From Inception To Acquisition

ToothFairy Built A Robust HIPAA Security Program With Dash

Ultimately, ToothFairy LP decided to utilize Dash ComplyOps to build and manage their HIPAA security program in AWS. By working with the Dash team, the company was able to create a custom set of HIPAA administrative policies and controls within a few weeks and became much more competent in their security program.

The company continued to utilize Dash continuous compliance monitoring and alerts to manage security safeguards and enforce their security program in AWS.

In 2022, ToothFairy was acquired by Cloud 9 Software. ToothFairy was able to provide current security policies and security validation from Dash during the acquisition process.

Benefits Achieved With Dash

  • Quickly Created HIPAA Security Program
  • Gained Confidence In Security Program
  • Implemented Controls & Prevented Security Issues
  • Faster Client Procurement
  • Reduced Overall Time Commitments

ToothFairy is one of many clients utilizing the Dash ComplyOps to achieve proficiency in HIPAA compliance. Dash enables startups, SaaS companies, and regulated organizations to generate custom administrative policies and enforce these policies through compliance monitoring. By saving organizations hundreds of hours of time on administrative processes, technical controls, and security assessments, Dash ComplyOps enables innovators to get to market faster.

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“Dash ComplyOps helped our team streamline the HIPAA compliance process. Our development team has become more knowledgeable about security and compliance. Dash has been an extra set of eyes and ears helping to keep us secure and compliant.”

Trude Henderson
CIO, ToothFairy

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