Compliance Management

Manage Security and Compliance Standards Across All Of Your Vendors

Built Around Regulatory Compliance Standards

Compliance is important across regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. With 40% of breaches being a result of a compromised vendor, third party risk management and compliance management is becoming increasingly more important. Dash VRM enables your team to build a culture of compliance across your organization and vendors, through proactive security assessment and response.

VRM assessments are built around regulatory standards including HIPAA/HITECH, NIST CSF, and the OpenVRA Framework. Organizations can gauge the overall compliance efforts  across hundreds or thousands of vendors.

Track Compliance Across All Of Your Vendors

Dash provides organizations and enterprises with an easy way to track compliance standards overtime. Teams can turn to the VRM dashboard in order to track the compliance across vendors.

Gather security and compliance standards – Collect information related to vendor security policies and standard operating procedures.

Monitor vendor security practices – Collect compliance information and assess vendors on a continuous basis, and track progress with the Dash Security Score.

Receive compliance recommendations – Organizations and vendors receive recommendations for compliance issues. Teams can follow-up with vendors to ensure that security concerns are resolved.

vendor risk management
dash vendor risk management

Enforce Security and Compliance Standards For Vendors

Executing on your security program and enforcing your security standards with all of your vendors can be difficult. Vendors have different use cases, an utilize different data in the organization. Managing solutions across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments can be challenging.

Dash VRM analyzes vendor processes against to HIPAA and NIST compliance standards. Vendors are provided with security recommendations based on and security and compliance gaps. Organizations can easily follow-up with individual vendors and ensure that compliance standards are met within vendor security programs.

Proactive Compliance

Dash helps build better security processes and automate compliance processes. Dash VRM replaces manual assessment processes and inefficient legacy solutions, allowing your team to save time with vendor procurement and security assessment.

Dash VRM provides steps for organizations and vendors to improve security standards, rather than simply assessing vendors and solutions on a pass/fail basis. Security teams can take a health check on compliance standards across all stakeholders and take action to avoid potential security breaches.

Manage Compliance Across Your Vendors

Streamline third party risk management and enforce high security standards