HIPAA Compliance Automation

Build and Maintain Your HIPAA Compliance Program In The Public Cloud

What Is HIPAA?

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a US regulation that provides requirements for how organizations manage and secure patient data and protected health information (PHI). Healthcare providers and vendors such as healthtech companies, medical device companies, and SaaS solutions, must implement all HIPAA safeguards in order to maintain HIPAA compliance and work with patient data.

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Achieve HIPAA Compliance With Dash ComplyOps

Sign Cloud Business Associates Agreement (BAA)

Organizations must sign a BAA with their cloud provider before storing, managing, and/or processing protected health information (PHI). This agreement outlines all HIPAA security responsibilities shared between the cloud provider and the cloud customer.

Prepare Security Program

Organizations utilize Dash ComplyOps to build a robust HIPAA security program, custom administrative policies and all necessary security controls required under the cloud shared responsibility model.

Maintain HIPAA Security Standards

Teams continue to maintain HIPAA security standards through Dash continuous compliance monitoring. Security teams can easily identify and resolve compliance issues before they turn into HIPAA violations

Develop Your HIPAA/HITECH Cloud Security Program

Streamlined HIPAA Compliance

Dash enables teams to build, monitor and maintain HIPAA security controls in the public cloud

Create Security Policies

Dash ComplyOps makes it easy for your team to build and manage your organization’s HIPAA security program.

Dash enables teams to build custom administrative policies mapped to HIPAA requirements and enforce controls through continuous compliance monitoring.

Dash allows teams to:

  • Define HIPAA Required Administrative Security Policies
  • Set Security Roles Including Security/Privacy Officers
  • Monitor and Enforce Policies Across Your Cloud Environment
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Build & Monitor HIPAA Security Controls

Dash enforces security policies through continuous compliance monitoring and automatically monitors and scans your cloud environment for security issues and HIPAA compliance issues.

Teams can set and enforce a security baseline and monitor all necessary security controls including:

  • Cloud Service Security
  • Access Control Settings
  • Networking & Firewall Settings
  • Encryption Configuration
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Settings
  • Audit Logging Configuration
  • Security Solutions – Vulnerability Scanning, Intrusion Detection, etc

Streamline Client Acquisition & Security Assessments

Once your team has set HIPAA security policies and established HIPAA baseline controls with Dash ComplyOps, your organization will have a robust healthcare compliance program.

Teams that build and manage HIPAA security programs with Dash are better prepared to answer security risk assessments (SRAs), validate compliance efforts, and manage hospital procurement.

Dash streamlines security and compliance efforts and makes it easier to sell into enterprise healthcare.

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Build And Automate Your HIPAA Security Program

Learn Why Healthcare Organizations Turn To Dash To Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Numerous Healthtech Companies, Software Vendors, and SaaS Solutions turn to Dash ComplyOps to help build their HIPAA security program, monitor security controls, and get-to-market quickly.

Learn how Dash can empower your team to create a robust cloud security program, simplify HIPAA compliance process, and save hundreds of hours of on security assessments and security preparation. Learn more about getting started with Dash today.

“Our confidence in answering security questionnaires is far beyond what we ever experienced with any other compliance solution.”

Achieve HIPAA Compliance In The Cloud

Automate Your HIPAA Security Program and Get To Market Faster