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Configure, Monitor, and Maintain HIPAA Security Controls In Amazon Web Services

Streamline Vendor Assessment

40% of Healthcare Breaches Are Caused By Vendors

Healthcare organizations must manage internal security programs and deal with security for hundreds of vendors. With vendor related breaches becoming more significant, healthcare providers must carefully vet third-party vendors to ensure security best practices.

Dash VRM provides health providers with a solution for rapidly assessing vendors and getting better visibility into the overall security of vendor relationships within the organization.


Build Digital Security Questionnaires

Dash VRM streamlines your organization’s third-party and vendor risk management program. VRM provides healthcare organizations with a solution for digital vendor assessment forms. VRM provides security teams with a set of baseline security questions and enables organizations to easily customize and build digital vendor risk assessments and security risk assessments.

Questionnaires are built around security best practices, organizational questions, and regulatory requirements (HIPAA/HITECH, FDA). Healthcare organizations can require further security documentation and vendors may upload files to provide more clarity. VRM pathways allow security teams to assess security vendors with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Send & Receive Vendors Assessments

VRM allows healthcare security teams to send security assessments without dealing with endless email chains. Administrators can automatically send and follow-up on security assessments by entering a vendor’s email or sharing an assessment link.

Dash VRM allows security teams to create and send recurring assessments. Security staff can define a schedule for evaluating vendors (quarterly annually, etc) and security assessments will automatically be sent to vendors for completion. With Dash, healthcare organizations can get continuous insight into their 3rd party vendors.

vendor risk management
dash vendor risk management

Easily Document and Analyze Vendor Responses

Security teams are automatically notified when vendor assessments are complete. Dash VRM provides organizations with a single location for accessing all vendor answers and supporting documentation. Healthcare organizations are provided with a security score for all completed security assessments. Security questions are tied to regulatory requirements, so organizations can easily assess vendor compliance with HIPAA/HITECH.

Administrators can setup custom options for weighting and scoring on specific questionnaire questions. VRM empowers security teams to easily manage vendor assessments and without the overhead of tracking large sets of paperwork and excel spreadsheets.

Streamline Vendor Assessment Process

Vendor risk management is becoming a more critical part of security assessment. Dash VRM makes it simple for teams to implement a digital assessment process and build, manage, and track vendor risk assessments. Organizations can easily vet vendor security and compliance processes and be proactive about managing security risk.

Organizations can save hundreds of hours of time by using Dash VRM instead of manual assessment and legacy solutions. Learn how Dash can help organizations speed up vendor onboarding and give your team better visibility into vendor security.

Get Started With Dash VRM.

Assess Vendor Security Processes

Get insight into your vendor risk profile. Evaluate vendor security programs and practices including:

Policies and Procedures

Learn about vendor organizational policies and allow vendors to attach supporting documentation.

Technical Safeguards

Learn about vendor technical safeguards including encryption, logging, and backup and disaster recovery.

Compliance Standards

Learn how vendors are addressing HIPAA/HITECH regulatory standards.

Risk Assessment & Review

Learn how vendors are managing risk analysis and risk assessment.

Take Control Of Vendor Security

Continuous Compliance Solution

Expand your security plan to your vendors and the cloud

Evaluate Any Solution

Dash provides options for evaluating vendors on cloud, hybrid, and on-premise infrastructure.

Recurring Assessments

Dash allows organizations to send vendor assessments on a recurring basis.

Continuous Compliance Solution

Streamline Vendor Risk Management

Manage third party risk across all of your vendors