Planning & Architecting For HIPAA Compliance

Planning & Architecting For HIPAA Compliance

5 August 2019

Planning & Architecting For HIPAA Compliance

Learn about best practices for designing and building HIPAA compliant cloud architecture. Develop compliant applications and secure infrastructure.

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Architecting Compliant Services

Organizations deal with many security and concerns when building HIPAA compliant applications in the cloud. Teams must handle production and development environments, configure cloud resources, and implement all necessary HIPAA security controls. 

This whitepaper provides actionable steps for building towards a HIPAA compliant architecture. Learn how healthcare innovators are building HIPAA security programs and managing compliant services in the cloud.

Learn How To Build Your HIPAA Security Program

Building Around Regulatory Requirements

Healthcare organizations must build around regulatory requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH. Organizations must implement all administrative, technical and physical safeguards when building HIPAA compliant workloads on the cloud. 

Organizations can build and manage protected health information (PHI) in business associates’ agreement (BAA) covered services but must but must take other steps to secure protected data. Our whitepaper describes best practices and standard operating procedures for designing HIPAA compliant architecture. 

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Manage DevOps and SecOps Processes

Once organizations have built a robust cloud architecture, they must maintain security and compliance standards across their infrastructure and applications. Organizations must account for potential operational “drift” and implement all necessary DevOps and SecOps processes for configuring cloud security standards.

In the above guide, we describe how organizations should build and configure services in order to maintain HIPAA compliance and build services that are highly available, resilient, and secure.

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