Preparing For A Vendor Risk Assessment

Preparing For A Vendor Risk Assessment

3 October 2019

Preparing For Security Risk Assessments

Learn how to prepare your security program and follow best practices for answering vendor risk assessments and security questionnaires from health providers.

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preparing for a hospital vendor risk assessment

Vendor Risk Assessment

Software vendors, startups, and healthcare innovators that are selling to healthcare providers are often required to complete a vendor risk assessment or security questionnaire when partnering with a health provider.

Vendor risk assessments typically consist of questions to evaluate an organization’s security program and standard operating procedures. Hospitals and health providers use these questionnaires to vet potential vendors during procurement. Since these questionnaires can be lengthy and technical in nature, it is important that vendors come prepared. This whitepaper provides steps for preparing your team’s security program and answering vendor risk assessments.

Become Better Prepared For Vendor Risk Assessments

Checklist For Vendor Risk Assessment

Healthcare innovators should gather security plan resources and documentation to speed up the vendor assessment process.

Included in this guide is a checklist of documents, information, and policies your team should have ready for answering a security risk assessment and selling to hospitals. Documentation includes agreements, certifications, and policies from your organization, as well as related cloud platforms. Our whitepaper lists the standard docs your team should have prepared when going through procurement with a health provider.

Best Practices For Answering Security Questionnaires

Organizations that are unprepared or appear to be exaggerating on hospital security risk assessments often deal with more intense scrutiny during assessment. Being prepared and able to answer security questions will make the process a lot easier.

In the above guide, we describe how organizations should look at their security program and manage security standards to streamline the vendor assessment process. It is our hope that this guide makes healthcare startups, innovators, and software vendors better prepared to sell to hospitals and administer security and compliance standards.

Be Ready For Security Assessments

Prepare for security questionnaires and vendor risk assessments.

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