Dash HIPAA Compliance Policies

Use Dash to generate required administrative policies and controls for your organization

17 Custom Policies

Dash provides organizations with expert created templates and a workflow for creating a package of 17 administrative policies including:

Employee Training Policy

Facility Management Policy

Breach Policy

Configuration Management Policy

Roles Policy

Auditing Policy

System Access Policy

17 Custom Policies

Custom Policies For Your Organization

Dash enables your team to holisticly implement administrative policies.
Our Policy Center operates similar to a Turbotax for compliance policies.

Custom Policies For Your Organization
Easily Customizable

Answer plain English questions about your organization and your technology to generate HIPAA administrative policies.

Automated Controls

As you answer compliance questions and create policies, Dash sets automatic controls and shares administrative compliance issues through the Dash Compliance Center.

Version Control

Dash automatically versions and keeps a record of changes to your administrative policies.

Reminders & Notifications

For reoccurring tasks and administrative todos, Dash provides email reminders and a administrative workflows.

Compliance Center Integration

Administrative policy decisions in the Policy Center are connected and monitored in the Dash Compliance Center, so your team receives reminders for administrative tasks and notifications for compliance issues.

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