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HIPAA Managed Cloud Overview

As an alternative to the self-serve Dash Compliance Automation Platform, Dash provides a managed cloud solution.

Organizations that are looking to avoid the overhead of managing technical infrastructure such as servers, networking, and access control often turn to managed service providers (MSPs) and proprietary cloud platforms for hosting their applications and services. For regulated industries such as healthcare, teams need to be careful in selecting a managed service am ensure that all necessary security and HIPAA compliance concerns are addressed.

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Managed Service Provider or Development Firm?

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Software Development Firms planning to offer services for the healthcare industry, Dash provides solutions for streamlining HIPAA compliance management. Reach out to Dash to discuss partnership opportunities and learn how Dash can help manage regulatory concerns. 

Dash Managed HIPAA Compliance Hosting

Dash provides a managed HIPAA compliant cloud environment in coordination with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and select managed service provider (MSP) partners. This means that healthcare companies can develop HIPAA compliant applications on AWS, while working with Dash to manage all cloud infrastructure and services. With the Dash Managed HIPAA Cloud, healthcare organizations and vendors can focus on product development, while all cloud security and compliance requirements are monitored and managed by Dash and its partners.

For healthcare teams, Dash provides a robust solution for managing HIPAA compliant servers, infrastructure concerns, and security and compliance requirements. Dash works with native AWS services, so organizations can take advantage of AWS established security programs and scalability while still having a fully managed cloud experience.

Dash Managed HIPAA Compliance Hosting

Execute On Your HIPAA Security Plan With Dash Managed Hosting

Managed Security and Compliance

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Dash provides organizations with a managed cloud solution with a robust HIPAA security program. Dash enables organizations to create custom HIPAA administrative policies and technical controls for securing HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring scans client cloud environments for HIPAA compliance concerns. Cloud experts resolve compliance issues and work to maintain a secure and compliant cloud environment. Organizations can utilize Dash to streamline their security program, simplify security concerns, and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

Custom HIPAA Administrative Policies

Automated HIPAA Technical Controls

Compliance Monitoring and Remediation

Support From Cloud & Security Experts

Managed Security and Compliance
Augmented HIPAA Security Team

Dash helps augment your organization’s existing security team. Our cloud experts manage all cloud infrastructure and address security and HIPAA compliance concerns based on the organization’s security plan. Dash can significantly reduce the operations burden faced by HIPAA Security and Privacy Officers.

Managed Services Based Around AWS

With Dash, teams can build solutions with the flexibility and scaling power of AWS. AWS supports a wide variety of technologies and services. Organization’s can take advantage of the established security provided by Amazon Web Services.

Start Using Dash To Manage Your Cloud Environment and HIPAA Compliance Program.

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See how Dash makes it easy to build HIPAA compliant solutions without the overhead of managing cloud infrastructure and servers. Build and scale HIPAA compliant services on the market-leading cloud platform (AWS) without the complexity of managing cloud services.

Utilize Dash to create a robust security plan, set administrative policies, enforce technical controls, and manage your cloud infrastructure.