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About The Dash Compliance Automation Platform

The Dash Compliance Automation Platform allows healthcare organizations to streamline HIPAA compliance management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Organizations can build robust security programs by creating administrative policies and enforcing controls across their AWS account. Dash enables partners to build a security baseline, speed up cloud adoption and accelerate secure application development for end clients.

Platform FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Dash Compliance Automation Platform

How Does Dash Simplify HIPAA Compliance?

Dash allows clients to develop HIPAA compliant services on Amazon Web Services with very little overhead. Dash allows companies and  healthcare organization to rapidly implement a HIPAA Security Plan, get to market faster, and lower compliance costs.

How Does Dash Set Administrative Policies & Controls?

Dash works with partners to set baseline administrative controls. Dash then asks clients plain English questions to set administrative policies and automated compliance controls. Learn more about Dash administrative policies.

How Does Dash Monitor Compliance In AWS?

Dash scans client AWS accounts for configuration issues, administrative issues, and security issues that affect an organization’s HIPAA compliance status. The Dash continuous compliance monitoring process allows teams to receive notification for cloud compliance issues before they become HIPAA violations.

How Does Dash Work With Amazon Web Services?

Dash is deployed to a client AWS account via AMI. Once installed, Dash monitors HIPAA compliance throughout the AWS cloud account.

Dash is an AWS Advanced Technical Partner and works to monitor the latest cloud services offered by AWS.

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