Automate Security & Compliance With Dash ComplyOps

Quickly prepare for and pass security audits, automate DevOps workflows, and validate security efforts for customers and partners.

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Automate Security Operations

Dash ComplyOps makes it easy for your security and operations teams to set robust security standards, manage cloud resource configuration, and automate security operations in actions within your environment.

  • Implement Cloud Security Safeguards & Controls
  • Automate Operations Tasks Across Your Infrastructure
  • Save 100’s of Hours Each Month
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Meet Security & Compliance Standards

Utilize Dash ComplyOps to quickly build security programs and meet regulatory and compliance standards. Create administrative policies, set internal controls, gather security evidence, and get audit ready in 30 days.

  • Security programs for SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and more.
  • Hands on security and compliance implementation
  • Automated evidence collection and audit preparation
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Rapidly Secure & Scale Cloud Workloads

Dash ComplyOps provides the security blueprints and workflows needed to quickly secure your cloud infrastructure, prepare for and pass security audits, and scale security operations to meet security goals for your organization, partners, and clients.

“Dash ComplyOps helped our team streamline the security and compliance process. Our development team has become more knowledgeable about security and compliance. Dash has been an extra set of eyes and ears helping to keep us secure and compliant.”

CIO, ToothFairy Software

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“Our confidence in answering security questionnaires is far beyond what we ever experienced with any other compliance solution.”

CTO, Redsson

“Dash provided exceptional service. Because their solution is customized for our needs and tailored to AWS, we achieved a much greater level of confidence in building and scaling our AWS applications.”

CTO, Clineva

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AWS Security Automation

Dash ComplyOps empowers teams to configure, monitor, and maintain robust security controls across AWS cloud environments.