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Dash is a nerve center for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining HIPAA compliance in the public cloud.




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Easy to Implement

Dash connects into your cloud environment in one easy process and works alongside your cloud platform's BAA.


Utilize the full suite of services in your AWS account. Build on any tech stack and deployment process.


Set administrative and technical controls, see your current state of compliance, and address issues before they occur.

Lower Your Compliance Burden, Get To Market Faster, and Utilize The Public Cloud.
The Dash Platform Includes:

AWS HIPAA platform

AWS As Usual

Avoid proprietary development platforms and use Dash with your standard cloud account and services

Custom Compliance Policies

Dash provides a set of HIPAA and HITECH administrative policies based around your organization

Automated Technical Controls

Automated cloud scanning and controls based around your policies, HIPAA requirements and best security practices

Real-time Notifications

Email and Slack compliance alerts allow you to quickly take action and resolve any issue

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