Security & Compliance Event Stream For AWS

Dash provides cloud security and compliance events streamed to your audit logging or SIEM solution, to simplify regulatory compliance management.

Compliance Insight Streamed To Your Security Solution

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Modern Compliance Management For The Cloud

Your Compliance Data Layer

Dash provides organizations with a HIPAA Compliance Data Layer. Dash compliance data provides healthcare teams with insight on HIPAA security concerns across the AWS environment. Teams can enforce high security standards and settle cloud configuration issues before they turn into HIPAA violations.

Modern Compliance Management For The Cloud

Cloud Driven. Monitor Multiple Cloud Accounts

Dash Continuous Compliance Monitoring connects into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment and delivers events and logs based on HIPAA security requirements and best security practices for the cloud. Use Dash to monitor your HIPAA compliance state across multiple AWS accounts.

Modern Compliance Management For The Cloud

Support For All Major SIEMs and Logging Solutions

Dash makes it easy for your team to collect security and compliance issues and deliver those insights to your existing security solutions. Healthcare organizations can stream cloud compliance logs directly to their SIEM or audit logging solution, including Amazon Cloudwatch, Splunk, Elasticsearch/Logstash, and more.

Modern Compliance Management For The Cloud

Streamline Compliance Workflows

Dash ComplyOps enables to teams to build a robust HIPAA security program. Security teams can use Dash to develop custom HIPAA administrative policies and connect them into technical compliance controls. Dash continuous compliance monitoring, empowers teams to identify, monitor and remediate security and compliance issues.

Modern Compliance Management For The Cloud

Gather HIPAA Compliance Insight For Your Cloud

Collect And Analyze Cloud Security Events

Cloud Misconfigurations

See what AWS services are not in compliance with the AWS BAA and are vulnerable to security issues.

Security Policy Issues

View issues related to set security and HIPAA administrative policies. See administrative tasks must be performed.

Cloud Security Issues

Monitor, collect and respond to cloud security issues across your entire cloud environment.

HIPAA Safeguard Issues

Security events are mapped to HIPAA regulations and allow teams to monitor and manage HIPAA in the cloud.

How Dash Compliance Events Work

Install Dash

Install Dash in your cloud environment

Collect Security Activity

Use Dash to scan and monitor your cloud for security events

Send Data To SIEM

Send Dash security and compliance events to your SIEM

Manage Compliance

Analyze and address security and compliance issues

Execute On Your Security Plan In Amazon Web Services

Dash makes it easy for Security Teams to monitor and execute on their HIPAA security plan. Healthcare organizations can use Dash to define HIPAA administrative policies, technical controls, and monitor cloud services and resources for security and compliance issues.

Dash is an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner focused on providing solutions for simplifying HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations. Turn to Dash to unlock healthcare in the cloud.

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Execute On Your Security Plan In Amazon Web Services