Security and Compliance Reports

Demonstrate clear compliance standards to providers and covered entities.

Prepare For Security Audits & Risk Assessments

Organizations must prepare security evidence and compliance programs when going through a security audit or being evaluated for a attestation such as SOC 2 Type 2. Additionally organizations must be prepared for security risk assessments (SRAs) when selling to covered entities and enterprise customers.

Dash enables teams to build actionable security policies, enforce high security standards through continuous compliance monitoring, as well as validate security and compliance efforts to auditors and third parties. With Dash teams can build and validate their security program and share security information with key stakeholders.

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Complete Compliance Control Inventory

Dash provides your security team with a full inventory of compliance controls across HIPAA, SOC 2, NIST 800-53 and other cybersecurity standards.

Security staff can see how individual compliance standards are addressed by Dash administrative policies, passing security checks, and cloud security controls.

Teams can get a real-time view into their organization’s state of compliance and work to resolve any compliance issues. Organizations can also use these inventory reports as evidence for upcoming security audits.

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Easily Answer Security Questionnaires

Organizations are much better prepared to answer security questionnaires and security risk assessments (SRAs) after completing the Dash administrative policy process.

Dash administrative policies provide teams with security standard operating procedures (SOPs) and documentation teams can use to complete questionnaires. Teams can easily pull security standards, and reference policy documents for questionnaires.

With Dash, security teams can develop security programs in a weeks rather than months and be much more confident in their ability answer and pass security assessments.

Build and Manage Your Cloud Compliance Program

Validate Compliance Efforts

Gain Visibility Into Your Organization’s Compliance Stature

  • Quickly understand your state of compliance in the cloud
  • Reduce risk and eliminate compliance issues to improve your security posture
  • Leverage automated monitoring and to keep your cloud secure
  • Resolve security issues and implement security best practices
  • Easily build reports and share security information with large enterprises
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Demonstrate Compliance Efforts Over Time

Unlike typical risk assessment tools, Dash enables organizations to monitor cloud security and compliance concerns over time. Dash continuous compliance monitoring allows your team to detect and resolve security concerns. Use Dash to set high security standards and build reports around your security efforts.

Monitor and Report on Your Compliance State

Dash monitors your AWS cloud resources for security and compliance concerns. Dash alerts your team when cloud resources fall out of compliance with your security policies and provides steps for you remediation.

Compliance Tear Sheet

Generate a tear-sheet for your security program. See how security controls and policies relate to and address each individual security standard. Share your organizations security and compliance controls with covered entities and enterprise organizations.

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security compliance tear sheet

Streamline Compliance Management In The Cloud

Build, monitor and share your security program with stakeholders.