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AWS Healthcare Solutions

Dash provides healthcare organizations with solutions for managing HIPAA/HITECH, regulatory compliance and security in AWS and the public cloud. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is trusted by thousands of healthcare organizations and innovators, and provides teams with cloud infrastructure to quickly build, scale and maintain secure applications and workloads for healthcare and life sciences.

Healthcare Software

Dash removes compliance barriers so companies building healthcare software, digital health solutions can get-to-market faster.

Healthcare Providers

Dash provides healthcare providers with solutions for streamlining compliance processes in the cloud and across vendors.

Life Sciences

Dash helps organizations in  Life Sciences relieve compliance burden and focus on product development and core competencies.

Managed Services

Dash enables managed service providers (MSPs) to manage regulatory compliance and provide additional healthcare offerings.

Why Build Healthcare Solutions on AWS?

AWS provides a number of benefits over on-premise infrastructure and healthcare hosting solutions. As an established cloud platform, AWS provides many easy to use, scalable cloud services, that  teams can use to rapidly develop healthcare solutions. Companies only pay for the services they use and can easily scale up as workloads as needed.

Healthcare organizations can take the following steps to get start building compliant solutions in AWS:

  • Signup for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and sign a business associates agreement.
  • Utilize Dash ComplyOps to implement HIPAA compliance policies and controls
  • Build compliant healthcare applications on AWS’s 100+ cloud services.

Download our guide to architecting compliant services on AWS

AWS Compliance Challenges For Healthcare

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has many established security programs for regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, but like most public cloud platforms operates on a shared responsibility model for managing security and compliance. This means that while AWS will manages many of the physical safeguards for HIPAA compliance, it is up to the cloud customers to implement all necessary administrative policies and technical controls. Healthcare organization that plan to store sensitive data and protected health information (PHI) must configure all necessary security settings for individual AWS cloud service.

As an AWS Healthcare Partner, Dash provides organizations with a solution for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining HIPAA security safeguards and cloud security best practices in AWS. Dash makes it easy for companies to build cost effective compliant solutions in the AWS cloud.

  • Custom HIPAA Security Policies
  • AWS Cloud Security Controls
  • Continuous Compliance Monitoring
  • Security and Compliance Reports

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AWS Healthcare Competency Partner

Dash is comprised of healthcare and cloud security experts. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner, Dash is focused on providing healthcare organizations, innovators, and vendors with solutions for managing security and regulatory compliance. 

Learn how Dash can help your team build a robust security program, address HIPAA compliance, and prepare for vendor risk assessments and further security evaluation. With Dash, your team can unlock the AWS cloud for healthcare.

Build HIPAA Compliant Solutions On AWS

Build compliant healthcare solutions on AWS